Servcorp News 2013| Servcorp Bahrain to celebrate Holy month of Ramadan with The Bahrain Parents Care Home :: Manama, Bahrain

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Servcorp Bahrain to celebrate Holy month of Ramadan with The Bahrain Parents Care Home

July 2013 | Servcorp

On July 22nd  2013, Servcorp, leading global provider of Serviced and Virtual Offices, sent an energetic team from its Bahrain branch to mix with the senior citizen community of The Bahrain Parents Care Home. The idea was for the active group of 40 elderly to have a wonderful afternoon getting to know others in society, chatting, laughing, exchanging thoughts and of course, sharing their wisdom.

Laudy Lahdo, Servcorp's General Manager in the Middle East said “Servcorp Bahrain is proud to be able to participate in this particular neighborhood outreach program because we have been and will continue to be committed to the people and progress of the future of the Bahraini community. The Bahrain Parents Care Home is a blessing for people who would have otherwise been without the help that they have earned through their contributions to the world. We hope to make memories and are moved that we can join them at this momentous time of year.” 

This is further defined by the focal point of Servcorp's corporate and social responsibility, which is at the heart of each of its 150 locations. In order to achieve its goals of lending assistance to those in need, Servcorp, including the Bahrain office, organizes charity events, fundraises and promotes donations all year round.

The Bahrain Parents Care Home is a charitable organization for the elderly is a service to those who require extra care and attention in order to be able to pursue a full and proper retirement, without having to compromise due to the physical and mental health setbacks that sometimes come as time progresses.